Over the past 30 years, from a Hoa Hung herbal medicine producer, up-to-now SAGOPHA company has launched two factories that granted by GMP certificate (the recommended standard by WHO – World Health Organization). We have been incessantly striving to build our reputation, investing more in machinery and equipment so that we are able to fulfill our mission of providing the most reliable medication, especially herbal medicines, in accompany with pharmaceutical industry, healthcare authorities as well as serving public health communities.


To obtain today’s results, the trust of value Partners, the satisfaction of kind Customers as well as the unanimous cohesion of the generations of SAGOPHA’s Leaders and Staff are the biggest motivation for SAGOPHA to eagerly create more value through developing medical solutions to benefit stakeholders, pharmaceutical industry and society as much as possible. SAGOPHA would like to send our sincere thanks to all of our Partners, Customers, Leaders and Staff who have been accompanying to SAGOPHA in the past and coming years.

With our GMP WHO certified facilities, our well-trained staffs, and our expert in drugs production, specially in the field of herbal medicine production,  SAGOPHA continuously seeks and welcomes local and international partners for a business cooperation. We can make medications under a contract-manufacturing, or under-licence manufacturing. Together, we collaborate with partnerts to bring effective and affordable healthcare programs to patients.

We believe that our success lies in Trust, Prestige, Quality and Respect.