The unanimous cohesion of the generations of SAGOPHA’s Leaders and Staff are one of the key factors for SAGOPHA today’s results. At SAGOPHA, a “can-do” attitude and behavior, responsibility and ownership in work, and hands-on teamwork are key characteristics of our personnel team. We believe that every member of staff has something unique to contribute to our SAGOPHA business operations and we value employee input and ideas across all departments. Join us and let us strive together to realise our combined potential.
Our team is constantly evolving and opening up many career opportunities. If you are interested in our current vacancies or you want to hand in an initiative application? Please do not hesitate to send your application here or our HR department. We are always happy to welcome to people who are willing to drive a solution for healthcare industry and be together with us. APPLY NOW


If you want to go far, go together, with your teammates.
Let’s meet people who have decided to make their careers at SAGOPHA and listen why they’re so excited about the future ahead.

In June 1986, I started my career in SAGOPHA, which was still Hoa Hung herbal experts. Up to now, it has been nearly 38 years, I have been with SAGOPHA through many ups and downs, where I have many lovely colleagues and leaders who always “work hard, play hard”! I can give initiatives and solutions to solve each problem in the most appropriate way. For me, SAGOPHA is my “second home”! SAGOPHA helps me balance my life, I can learn many things, develop myself and settle down in this working environment.

Nguyen Minh Nhuan
Deputy Manager of Plant 1

After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Natural Sciences, majoring in Chemistry, I started my career as a Tester in the Quality Control department (QC, Quality Control) of SAGOPHA from December 2013 . With my own efforts and favorable conditions at work from my superiors, I have been given authority and autonomy when upgrading to the QC Manager process from 2017 to present. Over 10 years of accompanying SAGOPHA, I have been learning a lot about the Pharmaceutical industry and developing my professional skills. I can develop myself at SAGOPHA and I am dedicating my best to SAGOPHA, where my contributions can be implemented and appreciated.

Nguyen Thi Truc Ha
Quality Control Manager

I came to SAGOPHA through a relationship in July 2018. I graduated from University with a degree in Economics. From the day I joined, I was always enthusiastically guided by my colleagues and the board of directors. Knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well as business skills. After experiencing life, I still have the opportunity to return to SAGOPHA, and try Supply. At SAGOPHA, I am treated with respect, my work achievements are recognized, errors are commented on, guided and given opportunities to improve. Most importantly, I am free to express my opinion and implement it at work.

Vo Thi Khanh Quynh
In charge of Supply and Business Support

Coming to SAGOPHA since 2002, now for more than 20 years, I have always been proactive in my work, freely suggested ideas, and implemented them to achieve high results at work. The SAGOPHA working environment makes me feel completely close, where I can create and develop co-worker relationships at work as well as bond with close friends after work. Furthermore, I can balance work, family and friends when I work at SAGOPHA.

Thai Ngoc Lam
Pharmacy Technician



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